United States Flag - Opening Day - Citizen's Bank Park - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

United States Flag - Opening Day - Citizen's Bank Park - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Welcome to Blue Hen Studios! My name is Chris Mlynarczyk (aka CEM Photography at Blue Hen Studios). I am a photographer located in Newark, Delaware. I have been shooting digital photography for 12+ years now and in early 2005 I began shooting more people than landscapes, etc. I love the challenge of shooting people, primarily in outdoor settings (this really adds to the challenge). I shoot 2 types of photography primarily - sports photography and model portfolios. I do shoot many other types but these seem to be the 2 types that I enjoy the most and are fairly constant. I am also available for family portraits, senior photos, events, weddings, etc.

Sports photography allows me to cover the action of sports - to get up close and capture the drama of sports. Model portfolio development allows for a very creative and collaborative aspect that brings many people together - from a photographer and a model - as well as others - hair and makeup artists, body or face painters, etc. - the photograph is the final piece of work from all of that collaboration.

For sports photography - I shoot primarily local college and professional sports - primarily football, baseball, and basketball. Other collegiate sports I shoot are field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, track & field, swimming, diving, volleyball, tennis, cross-country, etc. I also shoot auto racing from time to time as well. Feel free to contact me if you want me to cover a sporting event for you!

For model portfolios - I am always looking to expand my horizons with new models and portfolio development. I am ok with Time for CD (TFCD) or test shoots at times if you are interested and if I am interested as well, but paid assignments and/or exposure for my work is priority #1. Paid assignments for professional models and semi-professional models, depending on experience and project. If I am working for a client you will be paid. If I am not then it is negotiable.

I have worked with many professional, semi-professional, and amateur models of all types. I love to collaborate! For experienced/professional models I can add something new or give a different look to add to your portfolio. If you are a new model I can assist you to develop your portfolio to get you to that next level. Please feel free to inquire about current or planned projects and ask for referrals.

I have shot all over the United States as well as internationally in Canada, Czech, England, France, Italy, Monaco, Poland, and Singapore.

I have also shot the many varying types or styles out there and you can see my model portfolio work here and on model mayhem website:


I own Blue Hen Studios in the Newark, Delaware area of the United States of America (outside of Philadelphia and in between Washington, DC and New York City on the East Coast).

Where did the name Blue Hen Studios come from you may ask? Well, if you are from the State of Delaware here on the east coast of the United States you will quickly learn of the Blue Hen. The Blue Hen dates back to the American Revolution where the 3 lower counties on the Delaware river of Pennsylvania not only broke away from Great Britain, but also from the State of Pennsylvania. Upon declaring independence, the new State of Delaware was requested to form one regiment to the new United States Continental Army. Despite only sending one regiment, the State of Delaware sent their best. The reputation of this regiment became immediately tested in August 1776 and lasted throughout the war as one of, if not, the best regiment, in the Continental Army. They were known as the Delaware Blues - they wore blue regimental coats with red facings. History records that one of the officers of the regiment raised gamecocks and the fierceness of the Delaware Regiment in battle was that of these gamecocks - now known as the Blue Hen. To sum up - you don't measure the amount of men in the fight. Instead, you measure the amount of fight in the men. These men of the Delaware Regiment exemplified that strong fighting spirit, battle after battle, and, despite their numbers never being more than 800 in action, they were and still are held in high regard to military historians. In turn, they, and the Blue Hen, which represents them, are of great pride to Delawareans. So, in honor of these men and the spirit of the Blue Hen is why I have chosen "Blue Hen" Studios.

Member - Professional Photographers of America since 2008

I can shoot either on location or at my studio located in Newark, Delaware. I also love a new challenge! Challenge me!

Current Schedule (Tentatively Planned Trips/Events):

For public schedule - please see my facebook page! While you're there please check it out and like it. Thanks!

Please contact me if you are interested in my photographic services in the DE, PA, MD, NJ, NY, DC, and VA region. I am always looking for new locations/settings/ideas/etc. and planning for future shoots.

Standard Rates for Portfolio Development or Portrait Sittings:
1. 1-2 looks on location or in studio for 2 hours with no makeup artist = $150
2. 3-6 looks on location or in studio for 1/2 day with a makeup artist = $450
3. 6-12 looks on location or in studio for 1 day with a makeup artist = $800
All 3 options include edited CD provided with proofsheets. Individual prints are additional cost depending on size and quantity. See galleries for more information on purchasing prints.

Please note that if you are a minor, a parent or guardian must be present at all times for any shoots or events you participate in!

Portrait Work: See above model portfolio development for rates.

Hourly Rate for Events (Other than Weddings): $50/hour
Half Day or Full Day Events: $300 - $3,000 (Plenty of Options - Minimum 4 hours)
Special Events & Weddings with 2nd Shooter: Packages start at $2,500

Also - Please contact me if you want to shoot on location to where I am traveling - see above schedule for where I will be!

Chris Mlynarczyk
CEM Photography
Blue Hen Studios
Newark, DE 19711

Member - Professional Photographers of America

Salesianum High School - Class of 1989
University of Delaware - Class of 1993
United States Air Force Officer Veteran
American Legion Member
Proud Supporter of US Veterans